Recent Updates and Enhancements

At Main Street Sites we are constantly updating and improving our service.  Here are some of our recent updates and enhancements:


 11/22/2016  SMS Text Messages

Support has been added for sending SMS text messages using the User Messages feature (available to customers in the US and Canada only).

Click here to read an overview of this feature 

Your customers will need to opt in to receive SMS text messages before you can send messages to them. See the article above for details.

Responses to the SMS text messages you send will be relayed to you by email notification. You can have them relayed to your phone in text form if you wish.  

See the SMS text settings at Setup > General > Settings to enable this feature for your account.

 11/9/2016  Pricing

When using the new advanced filtering features in auto-apply fees and discounts, you can now specify a zero to indicate a period of "all time."  This applies to the filters on fee types and enrollments. 

 11/9/2016  General

Improvements were made to improve the appearance of Main Street Sites pages when printed.  The code that makes the pages responsive on mobile devices was affecting the quality of the printed output. 

 11/8/2016  Editing content

We have upgraded to a new software component for editing website content.  The new editor supports all modern platforms like Apple and Android mobile devices.

Click here to learn more about the new editor

Adding links to page vault pages, built-in pages, etc. is now all handled with a single toolbar button.  You can also drag-and-drop images into the editor to add them to your page.  They will be uploaded to the image vault automatically.  Note: this only applies to files that are on your computer, not to files from other websites.

Click here to learn how to add links with the new editor. 
Click here to learn about adding images with the new editor 
Click here to learn about adding and formatting tables with the new editor 

Note: although you can now edit your web pages, news items and user emails using your phone, the best environment for any significant editing remains your desktop computer.

 11/4/2016  Attendance Classes in inactive semesters will no longer display on the online attendance pages by default.  A new filter option was added so attendance in these classes could be reviewed when needed.
 11/4/2016  Tell a Friend

More anti-SPAM measures were added to the Tell a Friend feature.

 11/4/2016  Classes

A new option was added to "Update all Classes" feature to support updating and reviewing age restrictions for all classes in a semester at once.  "Update all Classes" can be found by going to Manage > Classes and clicking on the "More.." button.

 10/31/2016  Product Purchases Product purchases now support an effective date when entered from Manage > Activity > Product Purchases.
 10/12/2016  Waitlisting

A new setting was added to Setup > Settings > Online Order Settings for Pay Now orders.  It allows you to remove the Pay Now option when an order only contains waitlist registrations.  The setting is only applicable when your "Registration Process" setting is set to "Allow registrations for full classes. Enrollments for full classes will be created in "Waitlist" status."

 10/12/2016  Tasks

Updates were added to the Task interface to include information about the linked contact or account (when present).

 10/12/2016  General

Messaging was improved for all cases where records are added, edited or deleted. 

 10/12/2016  Custom Forms

Enhancements were made to allow custom forms to be responsive on mobile devices. 

 10/5/2016  Send Email / Send Messages Added the "At any time" option to the "Do not send this email/message to anyone who received it" feature.
 10/5/2016  Make-Up Scheduler Added new settings in Setup > Settings > Make-up Settings to support different weekend make-up limits for students in weekend classes.
 10/5/2016  Account Settings A new "Settings" tab was added to the Account page.  This tab will currently be used to store override settings for the Make-Up Scheduler.  You can use this new tab to give individual customers their own make-up limits.  Note: customers must log in when scheduling make-ups to take advantage of these override settings.
 10/5/2016  Online Registration

A new setting was added to Website > Built-in Pages > Registration > Settings to restrict customers to a single location when they click on a "Register" link.  In this case, a customer cannot see classes being held as different locations once he or she enters the registration page.  

This feature can also be used to create links to the register page that are specific to a particular location.  For example:   a link to register.aspx?loc=1234 would restrict the user to classes being held at location 1234.  Contact support for help with this more advanced approach to this feature.

 10/5/2016  Fixes / Enhancements Fix to class link on enrollments grid, fix for page title encoding, improvements made to payment gateway logging, improved retry logic added for the Cybersource payment gateway, classes grid updated to include the teacher column at lower resolutions.
 9/26/2016  Support for new Mastercard format added Support for the new MasterCard card number format was added. In the past, MasterCard numbers always started with a "5".  In the future, some MasterCard numbers will start with "2". 
 9/22/2016 Improvements for when used by Australian customers.
 9/19/2016  Online Registration The ability to make online registration prices not subject to the current tax rates was added to Setup > Settings > Online Registration Pricing.
 9/6/2016  Make-Up Schedule / Demo Scheduler Class type/name was added make-up and demo notifications.
 8/22/2016  Responsiveness

A major overhaul of the Main Street Sites back-end website was released.  This release includes improved responsiveness for phones and tablets. These improvements will be be rolled out each week until all pages have been optimized for mobile devices.

Here are a few highlights of the new layout:

  • A more modern look for all pages.
  • Double-clicking to open up any row in a table (accounts, fees, etc.).
  • Bigger buttons and other "tap targets" for use on phones.
  • A dynamic menu to provide more screen space on all devices.
  • Handy new "browse" links for built-in pages and page vault pages.
  • Each row in our data tables now has its own popup "actions" menu (hover over any row to see this menu).
  • The online attendance pages are now fully functional on phones.
 8/17/2016  Slideshows Individual tags were added to each slide so advanced users can add additional formatting for slides using CSS.
 7/19/2016  User Queries A new option was added to the Contacts query scope to allow contact queries to check for related demos.
 7/15/2016  Send Message Send Message is a new feature for sending short messages to your customers.  These messages are treated as notifications and are not subject to the 'do not email' setting for each contact.  For that reason they are limited to things like cancellations, substitutions, weather delays, etc.  Send Message cannot be used to send promotional emails.  Send Message will also support sending SMS text messages to customers who have opted in to receive them (this feature should be released in Fall 2016).