Class Management

Online Attendance

Simplify your life by taking attendance online. Teachers can login and record attendance on their phones or tablets.

Roll-forward, Move & Copy

Each new semester you’ll be able to “roll” the current schedule forward with no data entry needed. Just update the start date and your new semester is ready to go. Classes can moved and copied as needed too.

Class prerequisites and age restrictions

Restrict classes by age or by prerequisite.

Class Meetings & Holidays

Each meeting for a class can be seen on the Class Meetings tab. Individual meetings can be cancelled, moved, etc. Each meeting shows a list of any make-ups, demos or drop-ins for that class on that day. Holidays can be entered to extend your schedules out an additional week automatically.

Marketing Emails, Alerts and Reminders for families

Families in a given class can be sent automatic reminders, marketing emails, newsletters and alerts (by email or SMS text).

Centralized price sets or pricing by class

Flexible pricing for classes can be defined in one place for all classes of a given type, or for each class separately.


Open registration for select customers by setting a secret access code. Classes will transition to open registration automatically at the appointed date and time.

Minimum Fill Levels

If you’re not sure a class will fill, you can indicate a minimum fill level for the class. Families will see a warning message until the class has been reached the minimum level needed.