Email Marketing

Send newsletters or marketing emails with our built-in bulk email features.  Target any segment of your business with the extensive filtering options, including using your own custom query.  Open counts show if your emails are engaging your customers.  Emails are automatically designed for compliance with CAN-SPAM laws.

Built-in Notifications

You can customize every built-in notification we generate for your account.  Change the subject, add your own messages and instructions.  Special tokens let you add data elements like customer account balance, name, address, referral marketing ID, etc.

Email Themes

Themes let you format your notifications all in one place. Adding a logo and setting a color scheme is most common use for themes, plus adding common footer elments like Facebook links, SMS text opt-in instructions etc.

Automated Reminders & Follow-ups 

Everyone likes to get a reminder!  Your families can receive automatic reminders by emails and text for their classes and private lessons.  Anyone who doesn’t want to receive them can opt out.

Messages & Alerts

If you ever have snow days, sick teachers, etc., you’ll want to be able to send an alert with our User Messages feature.  Families are notified by email or SMS text.

Family Portal

Use the Family Portal to post any information you’d like to share online with your families.  Each page in the portal can be locked down using an access code or restricting access to enrolled families only (including for a particular class or type of class).

Facebook Tabs

Add our Facebook app to your Facebook account to post your class schedules automatically on your Facebook page.

Email and SMS Text Logs

All outgoing emails and and SMS texts are fully logged.  You  can quickly review all messages received by a given family.

Email Bounce Management

Any bounced emails are tracked automatically to improve deliverability and to raise visibility of bad email addresses.

Contact Engagement Monitoring

Best practices of email marketing involve tracking who is reading your emails.  We’ll monitor the engagement level of your customers so you’ll be able to send your marketing emails to the highest quality prospects.