Other Features

Online Store

The Online Store lets you sell any number of products online.  Even if you don’t sell any physical products, this feature is often used for scholarships, gift certificates, fund-raising, event tickets, etc.

Referral Marketing

Each family can have their own referral code to refer their friends.  You decide what kind of discounts the new referrals should receive, and what reward (if any) the referring family should receive.  The process can be fully automated or you can review each referral as it comes in.

Private lessons

If your business offers private lessons, our appointments feature lets you schedule and bill one-off and recurring appointments.  Appointment reminders are sent automatically to customers.  Schedule appointments manually or use a search feature based on teacher and room availability.

Class Schedule Widgets

Display your class schedule on any website using our built-in class components.  Pick any semester, any location, any class type — then format them however you would like.  Include links and buttons for more info, registration, teacher bios, etc.