Online Registration

Easy-to-use Online Registration

The most important thing for your families is that our online registration is easy to use.  You’ll have no trouble setting up your class schedules and your families will have no trouble signing up for your camps and classes.

Online Payments by merchant account or PayPal

You’ll be able to accept online payments by credit or debit card using a merchant account or your PayPal account.  Merchant accounts can be provided by Main Street Sites or you can use your existing merchant account.

Super-flexible pricing with sibling prices, pro-rating, early registration discounts, coupons, automatic fees & discounts

Main Street Sites supports many different options for pricing.  Prices can be set up in reusable price sets or defined on each class. Prices can be prorated in several different ways. Prices can be discounted for siblings, membership groups, billing plans etc.    Different prices can be created for military families, scholarships, etc.  Fees & discounts can be applied automatically using a near endless set of options — like an automatic discount for returning families.  Price sets can be reused each semester, or copied and updated as needed.

Installment and Deposit Plans

If you’d like customers to be able to make a partial payment on their registrations, you can accept a deposit or create a full-blown installment plan.  Installments can later be collected using the Payment Batches features.  Installment plans can be limited to certain class types if appropriate.

Custom fields

Custom fields can be added to the family, the parents and guardians, or the students.  The custom fields can store short values or long notes and are fully suported by our custom query interface.

Flexible Terms & Conditions

You can define you terms and conditions as a single page or as a set of individual terms that each needs to be accepted separately.  Once accepted, the terms & conditions can be included in the parents’ confirmation emails as a record of what terms they agreed to.


Preregistration features let you give preferential access to registration to returning families.  Classes can be set to allow only returning families for a short period, then roll over to allow all families automatically.