Make-Ups, Demos & Drop-Ins

Make-Up Scheduler

Let your families schedule their own make-up classes online. This will save you countless time in calls from parents. You can set aside slots in certain classes for make-ups, use unused enrollments slots, or use future student absences (or all three). When a make-up is scheduled, you, the teacher and the parent all receive a confirmation email. Reminders go out automatically by email or text.

Demo Scheduler

If you offer free demo classes to your prospective families, the demo scheduler is the answer for automating the process. You can set up any number of slots in whichever classes you’d like to use for demos. Reminders and follow-ups for the parents are generated automatically. If a parent missed the demo they’ll receive a special “sorry we missed you” email.

Drop-In Scheduler

If you offer single classes for a fee, the drop-in scheduler is a great way to manage the process. Parents can select and pay online for any number of drop-ins in advance. Pricing is flexible and can be based on the number of drop-ins purchased. Reminders are generated automatically.

Online absences

Parents can login to the parent portal and let you know about future absences. Those open slots can then be made available for make-ups , demos or drop-ins automatically.

Automated Reminders & Follow-Ups

Reminders can be send by email or text automatically for make-ups, demos & drop-ins. Follow-ups are available for demos and drop-ins, including a “we missed you…” follow-up that uses online attendance information to send the right follow-up message.