Analytics & Reporting

Custom queries

When a built-in report doesn’t do the trick for you, our custom queries option lets you create your own query.  Pick the objects you are interested in (like orders, families, students) and add whatever filters you’d like.  You can summarize the results or print the details.  Results can be shown online or exported.  Queries can be saved and reused later, or even used to send out marketing emails to families.

Address Labels

If you are “old school” and send out physical marketing mailings or materials, you’ll be glad to have our address label report.  Multiple Avery formats are supported.

Name Tags and Custom Labels

If you put labels on class materials, name tags or anything else you can use our custom label label report.  Pick the fields you want and the Avery label format you use.  Apply formatting and even a background or logo image.

Financial Reports

Report on your high-level numbers or the details with our comprehensive financial reports.  Create your own fee and credit type and sub-types to track any part of your business.

Enrollment Reports, Class Rosters and Schedules

Class rosters, re-enrollment reports, enrollment details are all a snap to generate and print.   Daily schedules by teacher or location are available as well.