Online Payments and Billing

Online Registration Payments and Make a Payment page

Vastly improve your collections by collecting your tuition upfront during online registration.  If a customer does have a balance, you can direct them to your “Make a Payment” page to collect a payment anytime. 
Statements you send by email can show a customer’s account activity with a link to make a payment online.

Stored Payment Profiles

Store customer credit or debit cards securely and run payments whenever needed. Customers can be sent an automated payment receipt to show how the payment was applied.

Payment Batches

Use your stored payment profiles to run customer payments in one big batch.  Each month you can bill all of your customers with a just a few clicks.  Any customers with expired cards will get a reminder to log in and update their cards.

Deposit & Installment Plans

Offer customers alternate ways to pay for your classes.  Online orders can take a deposit or use a full installment plan.  Both options can be restricted to particular classes or order amounts.

Recurring Billing

Bill customers monthly using a wide variety of monthly billing options including recurring fees, generated fees based on enrollments, generated fees based on appointments, fixed fees, ad hoc fees, manually entered fees, etc.  Discounts for multiple family members, classes and memberships can be calculated automatically.

Payment Requests & Customer Statements

If you don’t want to store credit cards and run payment batches, you can send out payment requests by email at any time.  Customers will get an itemized list of their charges and a link to make a payment online.