Recent Updates and Enhancements

At Main Street Sites we are constantly updating and improving our service.  Here are some of our recent updates and enhancements:


 2/20/2017  Appointments and Recurring Appointments

Appointments and recurring appointments have been split into two different sections in Back Office.  Previously they were grouped together on one "Appointments" page.  Now there is an "Appointments" page for single instance appointments and a "Recurring Appointments" page for any set of more than one appointment.  


This change was made to accommodate the new appointment confirmations feature (see the related release note on this feature).

 2/20/2017  Appointment Confirmations

You can now send your customers email confirmations of their scheduled appointments.  You can send out confirmations for single appointments from Manage > Appointments > Appointments.  You can also send out a confirmation for a series of appontments from Manage > Appointments > Recurring Appointments.  In the case of a recurring appointment the notfication will include information on the first appointment in the series and the number or duration of the appointment series.  In either case, any appointment or recurring appointment will be marked as "Confirmation Sent" once a confirmation is sent for it.

 2/15/2017  Holidays

Holidays entered in Setup > General > Holidays will now appear in the customer-facing calendar automatically. You can hide any holiday from the calendar by unchecking the "show in calendar" checkbox for that holiday.

 2/15/2017  Responsive Standalone Back Office Designs

We are now supporting fully responsive designs for standalone back office web pages.  This is a substantial upgrade from the previous approach of using the Mobile Options feature.  If you are a standalone back office user and would like your pages to be updated to the new responsive approach please let us know.



 2/13/2017  Appointment Calendar

Any holidays added in Setup > General > Holidays now display automatically in the appointment calendar.

 2/7/2017  Appointment Calendar

The appointment calendar feature can now optionally also show all scheduled class meetings.  Click on any class meeting to jump to the class associated with it.

 2/7/2017  Make-Up and Demo Notifications

The option to generate make-up and demo notifications from Back Office has been added.  When you add or update a make-up or demo there is now a checkbox that asks if you'd like to generate email notifications.   The checkbox default to unchecked to maintain the current behavior (not sending out emails from Back Office additions or updates).

 2/6/2017  Field Manager

The new Field Manager feature gives users control over all of the built-in fields for contacts, accounts and students.  You can hide built-in fields that you are not using, or show built-in fields that were previously hidden.  You can also change the name of certain fields if you'd like to (although their function remains the same).  The fields used by the demo scheduler and credit card forms are also configurable using this feature.


For example, you can hide fields like the account contact preference, or show fields like the student's gender.


To access the Field Manager go to Setup > Advanced > Field Manager.  Note that User Defined Fields are not included as part of the Field Manager.

 2/1/2017  Editing Toolbar

You can now set your content editing toolbar to always use the expanded view.  This is for users who commonly use the more advanced features in the toolbar.


Go to My Account > User Settings and select the  Auto-expand Editing Toolbar setting to activate this new option.

 2/1/2017  Stock Image Repository

The global image repository is now available when you are editing your page content.  To insert an image from the global repository onto a page, select the "Image" toolbar button and then select "Stock Images" for the source.  You should now see a set of available stock photos and/or graphics, depending on the type of website you are using.

 2/1/2017  Creating New Accounts

When working in Back Office, you can now create an account from the "Pick an Account" popup.  For example, if you are adding an appointment or an enrollment, you can click on "Pick an Account" and add the account directly from the popup window.

 2/1/2017  Miscellaneous Updates and Fixes

When copying clases, a change in room will no longer be considered a duplicate class.


Reminder handling was improved to handle cases where the make-up or demo was scheduled within an hour of the class meeting.


Class grid generation was updated to address unwanted white space in certain special cases.

 1/19/2017  Attendance Sheet Report

New security permissions were added for this report.  It is now possible to prevent your administrative users and/or teachers from accessing the "Contact Email" and "Contact Phone" options when using this report.  The security profiles for your internal users can be updated by going to Setup > Advanced > Users and clicking on the "Manage Security Profiles" option at the bottom of the page.


Note: these security permissions are also available for the online attendance pages in Back Office.

 1/19/2017  New stock images

New Music Together® images were added to the Image Repository.  Over 200 new images were added, including high quality cropped images for slideshows, class type logos, etc.


The image repository is currently only available when editing slideshows and photo galleries.  Support for accessing it from the page editing toolbar should be added relatively soon.

 12/28/2016  Recitals

A new recital manager has been released for Dance Studios, Music Schools and some other business types.  To use this new feature, customers create a new recital and then add one or more performances to the recital.  Students can be added to each performance either individually or in groups by class.   Details of a recital can be printed using the new Recital Detail Report.


This is the first release of this feature so please take a look and let us know if you have any feedback you'd like to share with us.

 12/28/2016  Reminders for make-ups and demos

Back Office can now send out reminders for upcoming make-ups and demos.  You can indicate when you'd like the reminders to be sent out (for example, 24 hours before the class).  Customers using SMS Texting can choose to send the reminders via text for recipients who have opted in to receive texts.


These options can be found at Setup > Settings > Make-Up Scheduler Settings and Setup > Settings > Demo Scheduler Settings.


The notification templates for these reminders can be updated at Communications > Notification Templates.

 12/28/2016  Responsive Templates

Menus for our responsive templates will now always display all menu options in the visible screen area.  Previously, if a website had a very wide menu, one or more menu items might require the user to scroll horizontally to access them.  Any menu items that are wider than the current screen width will now wrap around to the next line so all menu items will always be visible.  


If you find your menu is now wrapping onto a second line, you might consider either shortening the text of your current menu items or moving some items to a second-level menu (i.e. a sub-menu).  You menu items can be updated at Website > Site Options > Custom Menu.  Please contact support if you'd like help with this.

 12/28/2016  Classes

The default view of the classes grid at Manage > Classes will now display a count of any registrants in the class who are enrolled but are not taking a set.  If all registrants are taking a seat in the class the new count will not display for that class.

 12/28/2016  Coupons

Coupons now support the same new filtering options we recently added to auto-apply fees and discounts. 


Individual coupons can now be limited to certain customers by membership group, billing schedule, enrollment history or fee/credit history.


These new settings can be found in the "Advanced settings" section of the coupon form at Setup > Settings > Registration Pricing > Coupons.

 12/28/2016  Coupons

Coupons can now be limited to a certain number of uses.  The usage restriction can be expressed as a usage limit for all customer accounts in total or for each customer account consider separately.  See the new section labelled "Usage Restrictions" in the "Advanced settings" section on the coupon form at Setup > Settings > Registration Pricing > Coupons if you wish to use this feature.


This feature supports scenarios like having a special coupon code for the first 10 people to register for a semester.  If you set the limit to 10, anyone using the code after the tenth person will be told the coupon is no longer available.


To support this feature, the system began counting all uses of coupons as of 1/1/2017.  The current usage count for any given coupon is now displayed on the coupon form in the Usage Restrictions section.  Coupons used prior to the rollout of this feature have been counted but are not associated with any particular price set.


Because customers use coupons by name, it is possible to limit the usage of a coupon code across multiple price sets.  For example, if you have a coupon called "earlybird" in your summer price set and in your fall price set.  You could restrict the number of uses for the coupon for the summer price set only, or for summer and fall together.



 12/28/2016  Products

We now support setting a range for a customer price on a product.  Instead of entering a price as a fixed amount you can now set a range for the price.  Your customers can enter any price for the product that is in the range you have specified.  This new option is intended to be used for products used for scholarships and gift certificates in particular.

 12/28/2016  Prorating

It is now possible to define the prorating for a class price based on the number of class meetings that have occurred for a given class.  In the "Advanced settings" section on the price form you can indicate how much the price should be reduced for each class meeting that has occurred by the time the customer registers for the class.   You can indicate a minimum price for the class too.


Note: a class meeting occurring on the same day the customer registers will be considered missed if the class has already started when the registration is created.  


Go to Setup > Settings > Registration Pricing > Prices if you wish to use this new feature.

 12/15/2016  My Account

Custom web page content can now be added to the "Create Account" and "My Account" web pages.


This is done by going to Website > Community > Portal > Additional Content and adding content for the relevant content areas.

 12/7/2016  Order Entry

Full support for order entry has been added to the Back Office.  You can now bring up a complete order-taking interface from the menu in Manage > Accounts.  


Select "Add Registration Order" or "Add Store Order" to open a new order entry window for the highlighted customer.  You can then complete the order as if you were a customer on your website.  All taxes, shipping charges, prices, fees and discounts will be applied as if the order were being placed by your customer.  All notifications will be generated as if the order had been submitted by your customer.

 12/6/2016  Named Layouts

You can now add a link to the new class details page to any of the layouts used by your classes page, registration page, calendar, Facebook tabs or class components.  This is done by adding the "Details (hyperlink)" column to one of your layouts at Website > Settings > Named Layouts.  The link will show up on your web pages as "Details" and lead your customers to the details page for the current class.  Note: a link to this page is also included in each registration confirmation email as well.