Recent Updates and Enhancements

At Main Street Sites we are constantly updating and improving our service.  Here are some of our recent updates and enhancements:


 7/23/2019  Age-based pricing rules

You can now define age-based rules for your registration prices in Setup > Settings > Online Registration Pricing.  This allows you to stipulate that a given price can only be used by students in a particular age range.  The most common application for this option is to limit special prices to infants up to a certain age.  This new setting is in the "Advanced" section of the page you see when editing a price.

Because this feature allows you to create prices that some students cannot use, it is important that you have unrestricted prices and/or prices that are valid for all expected ages.  Main Street Sites does not attempt to prove that there will always be a useable price for students based on their age.

For example, if you had just one price restricted to students under 1 year and another price restricted to students 2 years and older, students between 1 and 2 years old would not be able to select a valid price and complete a registration.

 7/23/2019  Student Absences Page

A new interactive page has been released for monitoring student absences.  You can see the new page here or by going to Manage > Classes > Student Absences.  This page uses information from Online Attendance to highlight any students with recent absences.  The filters allow you to look for students with multiple and/or consecutive absences.  Attendance data for make-ups, demos and drop-ins is also included. 
You can select students in the list and send them the "Student Absence" notification.  This notification has no default content.  You'll need to enter content for this notification at Communications > Settings > Notification Templates before sending it. 

Note: you may wish to use these tokens when creating your email:  

 7/22/2019  Billing Schedules and Membership Groups added to attendance

The option to include each account's current value for Billing Schedules and Membership Groups has been added to the Attendance Sheet Report and the Online Attendance pages.

 7/22/2019  Enrollment Summary Report

A new optional "day of week" summary section has been added to the Enrollment Summary Report. This will show a summary of enrollments for each day of the week.  The report has also been updated to include all class types active in the selected semester, even if they do not currently have any enrollments.

 7/22/2019  Payment Detail Report

The Payment Detail Report has a new grouping option that can display an additional level of grouping by fee type.

 7/22/2019  Short names added to Named Layouts

The ability to select teacher and location "short names" has been added to the Named Layouts page.  These columns can now be selected for class schedule layouts.

 7/22/2019  Payroll Report Updates

A grand total has been added to the end of the payroll report.  The grand total will not display when the report is run for a single teacher.

The Payroll Detail Report now shows the student first and last name for appointment-related line items.

 7/22/2019  Checkout Now button added

A new "Checkout Now" button has been added to online registration and drop-in registration pages.  When clicked, this button will attempt take the user directly to the final checkout page.  

This button will take the user to the shopping cart page if the user needs to make an optional price selection or if any coupons are currently active for the selected classes.  The "Featured Items" store page will still display if it is active as well.

 7/22/2019  Portal links updated

The bread crumb trail link that displays when the Portal page is in use has been updated to use the page name currently in use for the portal page itself.  Previously bread crumb trail always used the text "Portal" for this link.

For example, if you use the portal page to link users to the make-up scheduler, the bread crumb trail previously looked like this:

Portal > Make-up Scheduler

Now it will use whatever page name you have given to the portal page, for example:

Enrolled Families > Make-up Scheduler

 7/22/2019  Class registration requirements using custom fields

You can now define online registration requirements that reference user-defined field values for your students.  This can be used to require students to have attained a particular level before registering.

For example, assume have a student-level user-defined field called Skill Level with the values Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced.  You could require that advanced classes be offered to intermediate students only.  On the "Additional Info" page for those classes, you would require that all registering students have the skill level Intermediate for this class.  Any students that do not have the correct skill level will not be allowed to register.  Note: you can allow a list of possible values for registering students, like Intermediate and Advanced.

Click here to add student-level custom fields

Click here to update your classes

 7/1/2019  Video Thumbnails in User Emails

The ability to embed YouTube videos into user emails has been added.  An embedded video will automatically use the thumbnail image provided by YouTube as a placeholder in the email. 

To embed a YouTube video into a user email, use the Media Vault toolbar icon when editing your email.

 6/12/2019  Embedding class schedules

For Back Office customers who do not use a Main Street Sites website, we have just released the ability to embed class schedules into your native web pages. 

If you go to Website > Vaults > Component Vault and add a new class component you'll see that we've added both a new "Filters" and an "Embed" tab.  The "Filters" tab lets you decide which classes you want to include in the component (including a new semester filter).

The "Embed" tab has formatting options at the top, then a preview pane to show you what the embedded schedule will look like on your site.  The different formatting settings let you update the look of the class schedule to match your site design.  At the bottom of the page is the actual code for the component that you'll copy and add to your website.

Each component you create in this way will use a layout from Named Layouts.  A layout can contain any columns you'd like to use in any order.  Layouts can be created and edited by going to Website > Settings > Named Layouts.  

Please reach out to customer support if you'd like help adding schedules to your web pages using this feature.

Note: customers using Main Street Sites websites have always had the ability to add class schedules to any page.  This is done by creating a new component and inserting it onto a page using the "Component" toolbar button.

 6/3/2019  Prevent registration for open balances

You can now require customers with open balances to make a payment before registering online.   When this new feature is activated, customers with open balances will see a message directing them to pay their open balance when they try to register.


You can turn on this setting by going to Setup > Settings > Online Order Settings and finding the "Open Balance Order Restriction" feature.

 6/3/2019  Clearing values for existing user-defined fields

Main Street Sites users with user-defined fields can now clear the existing values of those fields when needed.  This can be useful when you have values that are expected change over time like clothing sizes, school bus number, etc.

To clear the stored values of an existing user-defined field, go to Setup > Advanced > Field Manager and hover over the relevant user-defined field.  Use the drop-down menu to select the "Clear Values" option for that field.

Please note that once performed this operation can't be undone.

 6/3/2019  Online Attendance N/A option

Users can now select "N/A" for students when using the online attendance pages.  This option can be used to represent class meetings that occurred before a student enrolled in a class or after a student left a class.

 6/3/2019  Online Attendance Notes Option

Users of online attendance can now enter notes for each class meeting.  This can be used by teachers to enter notes from class for the center director to review.

Class meeting notes can also be viewed and entered from Manage > Classes > Class Meetings.

 6/3/2019  Teacher Contact Info added to Daily Schedule Report

The contact information for teachers can now optionally be included in the Daily Schedule Report. The teacher contact info must first be entered at Setup > General > Teachers before it can be displayed in the report.

 6/3/2019  Re-enrollment Summary Report supports class statuses

The new Re-enrollment Summary Report now supports the ability to select which class statuses you'd like to include in the report.

 6/3/2019  Gender added to online attendance and attendance sheet report

Student gender can now optionally be included in online attendance and the attendance sheet report.

 6/3/2019  Maximum Demos per Semester Expanded

More options have been added for how you can limit user access to demos.  You can now set a maximum number of demos per semester, per calendar year, for the last 365 days or for all time.  This setting can be changed by going to Setup > Make-ups, Demos & Drop-ins > Demo Settings.

 6/3/2019  Student age shown in enrollments

For customers who capture student dates of birth, you will need see a calculated age for each student in Manage > Classes > Enrollments and on the Enrollments tab for each class.

 5/7/2019  New SMS Text Options

New options for sending SMS text messages have been added. 

There is now an option to send messages by both email and SMS text.  This option is for critical messages that you want customers to see as soon as possible.  

We also added the option to send messages via SMS text only.  This removes all restrictions on the content of the messages.  As long as you are sending via SMS text only it is OK to include marketing messages and promotions in your messages.  The restrictions on content exist only for emails. This is necessary because Send Message sends emails that bypass the "unsubscribe" option.

Note: SMS text messages are currently only available to customers in the US and Canada.

 5/7/2019  m4a files supported in media players

Support for m4a files has been added to the media vault MP3 player.

 5/7/2019  Re-enrollment Summary Report

A new re-enrollment summary report has been added.  This report looks at class enrollments across semesters to calculate re-enrollment rates.  In addition to calculating a total re-enrollment number, you can also see re-enrollment by teacher, location and class type.

 5/2/2019  Lango #1 Template Updated

The Lango #1 template has been updated to be fully responsive on mobile devices.  This template is now available to all Lango customers.  If needed, your current template can be updated by going to Website > Site Options > Templates.