Recent Updates and Enhancements

At Main Street Sites we are constantly updating and improving our service.  Here are some of our recent updates and enhancements:


 1/22/2020  Demo Account Support

Demos now support being attached directly to accounts.  This support appears in several places:

  • You can now give customers the option to create an account and login before creating a demo.  The option to continue without creating an account and to hide these new options entirely is supported as well.  By default these options are hidden.
  • Accounts can be created automatically when demos are scheduled by your customers.  This replaces the prior support for creating contacts automatically from new demos.
  • When you enter a demo on the back end, you can now select an existing account or enter the demo information manually as before.
  • For any demo not already associated with an account, you can use an option in the More... button on the demo to create an account from the demo automatically.
  • Demo-related user queries have been updated to show related account information as needed.


See the new settings for demos by going to Setup > Make Up, Demo & Drop-in Settings > Demo Settings,

 1/22/2020  Account Shortcut Links

New shortcut links have been added to the account context menus.  When editing an account, you can now use links for adding a make-up, demo or drop-in for that account.

 1/22/2020  Global Registration Coupons

Support has been added to online registration for global coupons.  This feature allows you to create coupons that can apply to any semester.

To add global coupons, select the "<Global Coupons>" price set in Setup > Settings > Registration Pricing.

 1/22/2020  Drop-in Coupons

Drop-ins now support coupons.  To enter coupons for drop-ins, go to Setup > Make-Ups, Demos & Drop-ins > Drop-in Pricing and edit your drop-in price set.  Coupons can be added on the new "Coupons" tab.

 1/22/2020  Tasks

Popup notes were added for tasks.  When you review your tasks from Manage > Activity > Tasks, any notes for the tasks can be reviewed using the popup icon in the grid.

 1/22/2020  Day of Week Filter

The option to filter classes by the day of the week has been added to named layouts.  This is in addition to the standard optional filters for location, teacher and class type.

To add the day of the week filter to your existing class schedule layout, go to Website > Settings > Named Layouts, open your class schedule layout and update the filter options.

 1/22/2020  Teacher Schedule Report

The teacher schedule report now shows all holidays that affect the teacher's schedule.  When appropriate, a notes section will be added to the report to indicate any exceptions for the standard schedule for the displayed classes.  For example, a moved or cancelled class meeting will be indicated in the notes section.  Any class meetings that are not affected by the listed holidays will also be called out.

 1/22/2020  Online Attendance/Attendance Sheets

Enhancements were made to online attendance and the attendance sheet report

  • Row numbers can now be displayed for each enrollment in online attendance
  • Drop-in notes can now be included using a new option in the "include" section
  • Teacher contact information will included where appropriate
  • Make-ups, demos and drop-ins will now be sorted to match the sorting of the enrollments
 1/22/2020  Account > Contacts

The contacts grid on the Account > General tab has been updated to show more of the contact information.

 1/22/2020  Class Close Registration Option

The "Close Registration After .... Days" feature now allows you to enter negative values. Entering a negative value for this setting will close registration prior to the class start date.

To set a value for this feature for a particular class, find the class at Manage > Classes > Classes and enter a value for the setting on the Additional Info tab for the class.

 1/22/2020  WorldPay Payment Gateway

The WorldPay payment gateway now supports payments entered from the back end website as well as customer payments.  The WorldPay payment gateway is an option for customers in the UK only.

 1/22/2020  Make-Up/Demo/Drop-in Reminder Improvements

Once an automated reminder has been sent to a customer for a scheduled make-up, demo or drop-in, the make-up, demo or drop-in can no longer be re-scheduled.  A warning will pop up if you try to change the day and time.  The warning will offer to make a copy of the existing information so you can reschedule as needed. This allows your customer to receive a new reminder with the updated information (subject to the timing rules you have selected for reminders).   

The original demo, make-up or drop-in can then be deleted or cancelled if appropriate. 

This update was added to address cases where make-ups, demos or drop-ins were moved after the customer had received the reminder.

 12/13/2019  Minimum Fill Level for Classes

Classes can now set a minimum fill level.  When the class is below the minimum fill level, a custom message will appear on any "register" buttons or links for that class.  For example, the "register" button for a class could say, "Waiting to fill" until the class has 6 students enrolled.

To set the minimum fill level for a class, find the class in Manage > Classes > Classes and update the setting on the Additional Info tab for that class.

 11/21/2019  CAPTCHA for newsletter signups

CAPTCHA support was added for home page newsletter signups to prevent bots from submitting the form.  The customer is now asked to confirm the request when the form is submitted.

 11/15/2019  Custom forms CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA support was added for custom forms.

 11/15/2019  Address Label Report

The option to use student names for address labels was added to the address label report.

 11/15/2019  Full screen editor

The option to edit emails and web pages in full screen mode was added. The full screen editor option appears as a button on the editing toolbar.

 11/15/2019  Drop-in Embeddable Components

The component feature now supports creating embeddable schedules for drop-ins.   Components like this can be added to your Main Street Sites web pages or to pages in external websites.

 11/15/2019  Persistent filter settings

Filter settings for the back-end pages such as Manage > Accounts, Manage > Orders, etc. will now be saved and restored each time.  For example, f you always search for orders from the "last 30 days" that value should now be defaulted for you each time automatically.

 11/15/2019  Payment Profile Reporting

A new field has been added to the User Query account scope to show the expiration status of the current primary payment profile for each account.  This can be used to identify accounts with expired credit and debit cards.  

 11/15/2019  Make-Up Scheduler

The make-up scheduler has been added as a new tab in the field manager at Setup > Advanced > Field Manager.  This will allow users to change the behavior of the "class you are missing" field.  You can now remove that field from the make-up page if you wish.

 11/15/2019  Caption Overrides for Named Layout Filters

You can now insert your own text for the filters used in named layouts.  This allows you to change the captions used for the "Class Type" filter, "Location" filter, "Semester" filter, etc.

To enter your own custom filter captions, go to Website > Settings > Named Layouts and edit the desired layout as needed.  Note that there are various types of layouts for make-ups, demos, drop-ins, etc.

 11/15/2019  Infrastructure Improvements

Improvements were made to web page performance and delivery including initiatives such as expanded internal caching and browser caching, use of a content delivery network, encrypted cookies, database performance updates and additional security features.

 11/15/2019  Music Together Color Palette

The Music Together color palette has been added an option in various settings pages and when editing emails and web pages.  

For example, when you edit color settings for an email, a new "Select Color" link will be available next to the color selector. Click the link to see the set of Music Together colors.  The traditional behavior of the color selector is still available when needed.



 10/14/2019  Automatic Group Assignment

Accounts can now have their Membership Group or Billing Schedule value set automatically based on a price or product in their order.

For example:

You can create a product called "Silver Membership" and a customer who purchases this product can be assigned a membership group value to match the product.

You can create a price called "Monthly Billing" and a customer selecting that price can be assigned a billing schedule value to match the price.

To use this feature, update the advanced settings for the price or product to specify the new billing schedule or membership group value.

You can also indicate if discounts on the order should use the previous or new value of the billing schedule or membership group.