Usage Fees

Some Main Streets features have usage fees associated with them. Usage fees help keep the fixed costs of our services low for all of our customers.

Usage fees are billed at the start of each month for activity in the previous month.

Email Marketing

Each Main Street Sites customer is given a number of email credits to use each month, based on services they are using.

The free monthly email credit levels for each service are:

If you have……you can send this many free emails per month
a Website1,750
Back Office1,750

Customers with a website and Back Office can send up to 3,500 free emails each month. Additional emails in a given month cost $.005 (1/2 of 1 cent) to send.

You will never be charged any additional email fees without your consent. Whenever any additional cost applies you’ll be asked to confirm the cost before the emails are sent.

Also, note that these limits only apply to emails sent using the email marketing features. Email notifications for registrations, make-ups, contact us inquiries, etc. are not limited in any way.

Multiple User Accounts

Premium websites and Back Office accounts support multiple user logins. In addition to the main administrator login, you can create 5 user accounts at no additional charge. Additional fees apply if you wish to have more than five active user accounts.

Active User AccountsMonthly Usage Fee
Up to 5 active user accountsFree!
Up to 10 active user accounts$10
More than 10 active user accounts$20

Third Party Merchant Accounts

Main Street Sites charges an additional fee of 0.4% of payment volume for all online payments made through third party merchant accounts. A third party merchant account is any merchant account that is not obtained through our processing partnership with our processing partner, Electronic Payments, Inc.

If, for example, you process $3,000 during the month through a third party merchant account, we will charge $12 in third party merchant account fees.

We have these fees due to contractual agreements with Electronic Payments, Inc. and PayPal.